Gold & Silver Amethyst Wabi Sabi Earrings


These earrings were inspired by my Japanese heritage and the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, the idea that there is beauty in the imperfect. Thus when I was making them I wanted to try to create a sense of wabi sabi by offsetting the amethysts and the gold lines, the silver squares are slightly off square. But in bringing them all together, they are beautiful! Just as in life, there is beauty in imperfection, you just need to see it. 

Argentium Silver at 93.5% silver is purer than Sterling Silver at 92.5%. It is naturally hypoallergenic, highly tarnish resistant and is made from 100% recycled silver. It is also whiter and brighter than White Gold And Platinum making it a wonderful alternative to more expensive metals.

Some details: 

  • Amethyst: 4mm 
  • Earrings: 10mm square with 14mm 9ct gold wire accents
  • Style: post and butterfly catch
  • Fully Hallmarked

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