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Keum Boo Plum Blossom Studs


Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, flowers are starting to bloom creating little bursts of colour across the ground and everything is coming back to life. These little flower studs were meant to symbolize the arrival of spring, and  things bright and beautiful.  Made from recycled silver they have been adorned with little flashes of pure 24K gold and then textured to give them a tactile depth. Beautiful and classic and meant to be worn all year.

  • 12mm in diameter 
  • Butterfly ear backs. 

About these earrings

Keum Boo is an ancient guilding technique first used in Korea and also found in Japan and China. The process involves layering pure 24K gold onto pure silver. A layer of pure silver is created on sterling silver through a process of depletion guilding using a torch. Then the pure gold is layered and bonded to the silver via heat and pressure. The results are striking!
Made with 100% recycled silver. Did you know that using recycled silver produces between up to 97% less greenhouse emissions than newly mined silver!
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